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Anonymous: someone interested?

My “who’s asking” was meant to be cute not serious… but okay… ahi.


I don’t think you can ever really get someone back after you’ve broken their heart. You can maybe get a version of her, but you’ve changed her. This has changed her.

— Laneia via autostraddle

(via staree)

Anonymous: available for dating?

Who’s asking? :”>





There are so many people replying to this saying how this girl is “asking for it” because of her top. You’ve just proved her point! You are taught by society to believe that a woman must dress a certain way to avoid being raped, instead of a man being taught that it is always wrong to rape. You are conditioned to think that way and it is pathetic and immoral and so so so WRONG. I’m so infuriated by looking at the notes on this. If you think even a little bit, that this woman- or any woman- is ASKING to get raped, unfollow me now because I do not want to be associated with you in any way, shape, or form. GAH

I agree. This is a horrible frame of thought. I really when people say women are asking for it. FUCK YOU. I want to look SEXY then why is that a CRIME? Men should know not to touch me. I’m not looking sexy for them, rather, for my own self-confidence. I feel confident in my body. Do you think women in NUDIST camps are ASKING FOR IT? NO. They’re practicing their culture. They are confident in their bodies. That’s not wrong. EVERY one is guaranteed that right to feel good in their own skin. 
And I know I may be putting two different things together, but it’s true. A body is a body no matter how it is displayed. The bottom line is: if it is not yours, you have no right to touch it without acknowledgment from the owner.

one more time for emphasis.